Cooking lessons for adults

One to one cooking lessons, bespoke services to your taste and dietary requirements

Are you a confident cook, a total novice or you have enough to make the same recipes over and over again, why don’t you book a one to one cooking lessons with Fabienne in the comfort of your own home? Fabienne can also welcome you to her kitchen where you will get to learn to cook with confidence using simple utensils or try new equipment (Thermomix, Kenwood Aid, or Air Fryer) before you decide to buy them or not.

We will work on a bespoke menu depending on your tastes and dietary requirements.

How much is it?

The lesson is £50 per hour plus the cost the ingredients, with a minimum of two hours booking. Don’t forget, some dishes will take longer to prepare and cook and a three hour lesson will then be recommended.

How does it work with the ingredients, who does the shopping?

Fabienne will send you the list of ingredients prior to the lesson to give you time to source them and will provide you with the recipes while you cook in a relaxed atmosphere together.

What do I do with the food made?

You will take home of course everything you have created and cooked!

Group lessons for adults

Organising a team building event, a get together, a party, a hen party or a dinner “entre amis – between friends” why not organising a cooking event with me?

Challah cooking workshop, Mediterranean, North African and Middle Eastern vibes, sushi making or fresh pasta, baking and more!

Fabienne is French, with Tunisian and Italian origins. She loves eating and learning so she can make pretty much everything with you, from sushi to fresh pasta, challah making workshops (her challah is the best… people say!), baking and healthy eating, why not take advantage of Fabienne’s expertise?

One to one lesson to impress your family and friends, group corporate lessons, or commemorative sessions.

Fabienne will also be happy to organise a work cooking event for your company, team building or a thank you to a client, Fabienne can welcome up to 20 adults in her home kitchen.

All events are bespoke so prices depends on menus and ingredients used.

Please call Fabienne on 07973698046 for more details.