Summer Cooking Lessons for Children and Teenagers

Summer 2012 1st July: JCC London event, please book with the JCC London


30th July-3rd august: 10-12.30 Olympic theme, £20 per session 

Come and cook specialties of different countries every day  

6th August-10th August: 10-12.30 Art and fashion theme, £20 per session

Come and transform food into piece of art, and design some fashionable edibles    

Already booked some day camp for your children but you still want them to cook, why not gather a few friends in your house or in mine and let them cook their favourite meal with me!   


Pre-university cooking: 29th-30th August, 7.30pm-10pm, £35 per person per session

2 nights of easy, fun, healthy and economic recipes to learn before going to University

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