Kosher Credentials

When you order food from Home Cooking by Fabienne, you can be sure that it will be homemade, delicious and strictly kosher. All products used in my kitchen are suitable for anybody who keeps kosher. You can rest assured that I use the most recent kosher guides when I buy any ingredient.

Meat and its derivatives

All meat I use is bought from kosher butchers in North West London.

Dairy products and their derivative

As milk and pure butter are permitted when they derive from kosher animals; I use products from the supermarket.

Separation of milk and meat

I follow this rule scrupulously, even in the handling of utensils which are carefully separated into “fleishig” (meat) and “milchig” (dairy). I have two sets of plates, cutlery, pans and pots, two separate sinks, two ovens and two separate dishwashers.


The eggs used in my kitchen are mainly bought in kosher shops or kosher butchers. The white eggs do not contain blood. If I use free range eggs, I will carefully examine them before using them in your food.


I only cook with kosher fish.


Vegetables prone to insect infestation (e.g. cauliflower) are carefully examined before use.


Only kosher alcohol is used as an ingredient in my cooking.

“I didn’t know where to start and what to make. You saved me with your Pesach meal planner; thank you” Nicole