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Fabienne Viner-Luzzato – from Homecooking with Fabienne

Born and educated in Paris, Fabienne has been cooking for as long as she can remember. As the youngest of seven children, she learned to cook from her Tunisian-born mother and Italian father in a house full of delicious smells and people cooking, chatting and eating. She now offers catering for corporate and family functions, runs workshops and cooking parties and privately teaches adults, teenagers and children to cook.

1. Is my child going to get to eat what it cooks?

Absolutely! After the cooking is finished, everybody will sit down comfortably to taste and enjoy everything they have cooked together.

2. Does my child need to bring anything to class?

Usually you just have to bring an appetite, but please check with your school in case they need more.

3. My child is a vegeterian. Can you accommodate it?

Some of our classes are better suited for vegeterians, so please coublecke with your teacher in advance.


Today’s child magazine

The importance of eating seasonal foods

Fabienne tomato sauce 3

Avoid eating tasteless, unseasonal fruit and veg, urges Fabienne Viner-Luzzato

I was extremely lucky as a child to holiday in the south of France for two whole months in July and August. As a family of cooks, this meant discovering and cooking with local and seasonal products.

French markets are a paradise for foodies and everyone else. The colours, smells and noises are so vibrant you could spend hours sampling the food and chatting to shouting merchants who always make you try their fruits, cheeses or bread before you buy them.

I specifically remember a small yellow and pink plum called “Mirabelle”; a sweet, juicy fruit from the Lorraine region. You only find it in the last two weeks of August in France but its short season makes it extra special. You make the most of it in those two weeks and eat it with appreciation because you know that it’ll be gone before you realise.

I remember that 30 years ago you could only buy strawberries, raspberries and peaches during the summer. You could only find and eat good summer fruits in the summer and winter fruits in the winter.

Unfortunately, a lot of fruit and vegetables are imported these days or grown in greenhouses. They are treated to look nice but are often picked before they develop their full flavours. This is a real shame because you do not experience the real taste when they are bought out of season. Many people spend so much money buying expensive summer fruits in winter that have absolutely no taste that they do not experience the excitement of eating a fruit they have been waiting a few months for any more.

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I refuse to buy tasteless imported strawberries for my children in the winter. I often tell them that they wouldn’t organise a BBQ or have a bouncy castle in the winter, which is the same as eating summer fruits in winter. provides a colourful seasonal calendar and gives information of what to eat and grow in your garden depending on the season. Children who attend my cooking lessons love to look at the “eat seasonably” calendar behind my kitchen door.

We often go to Borough Market with my family. It’s a fantastic trip. There you find fruitmongers selling the most beautiful seasonal products, fantastic cheese shops, quality meat and fish, and wonderful homemade bread. In the summer, the tomato stall can be up to two metres long.

I recently took my children along, and we bought fresh basil and oregano, juicy tomatoes, high-quality olive oil, fresh pasta, onions and delicious parmesan. We prepared a homemade tomato sauce and enjoyed our dinner altogether. We fully appreciated the experience and my children were eager to know when we can go back.

Fabienne Viner-Luzzato recently co-wrote children’s cookbook Steamer the Cooking Wizard. Visit for more information and follow her on Twitter @FabienneCooks



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