WHICH CRAVING BOX Three size available, craving a bit, a little bit more, a lot 2/3 ppl, 4/5 ppl, 7/8 ppl
THE VEGE MIDDLE EASTERN CRAVING BOX £30, £54, £90 Shakshouka with egg, aubergine sabich salad, cauliflower shawarma, beetroot humous, tahini, pita bread
THE SCHNITZELS CRAVING BOX £32, £58, £97 Schnitzel, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, roasted broccoli with paprika
THE DUCK PANCAKES CRAVING BOX £43, £76, £131 Duck, pancakes, cucumber strips, spring onions, roasted kale
THE RED MEAT CRAVING BOX £37, £67, £112 London broil in teriyaki sauce, quinoa, roasted courgette
THE SALMON POKE CRAVING BOX £40, £72m £120 Fresh salmon, teriyaki sauce on the side, edamame, rice, cucumber, carrots, lemony avocado
THE VEGE ASIAN CRAVING BOX £30, £54, £90 Miso aubergine, bao buns, tofu, pan grilled greens, gyoza
THE GUILTY PLEASURES CRAVING BOX £50,£90, £150 Chocolate brownies, pavlova, banana cake, cheesecake, strawberries dipped in chocolate, pancakes
THE TEA PARTY CRAVING BOX £40, £73, £120 Mini sandwiches of 4 fillings, cheeseboard with grapes and crackers, scones with cream and jam, choux pastry, pastel de nata custard tart, strawberries dipped or not in chocolate

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