Cooking Lessons For Adults March – June – at Fabienne’s and – at the LJCC-Ivy House

At Fabienne’s, for more information contact Fabienne

  • Tuesday 5th March – 10am-12pm – Easy Baking, Cakes and Biscuits, £35
  • Tuesday 12th March – 10am-12pm – Quiches and Tarts, Savoury and Sweet treats, £35
  • Wednesday 20th March – 8.30pm – 10.30pm – Pesach recipes, £35
  • Tuesday 16th April – 10am-12pm – Bread making, £35

At the LJCC, IVY House, for more information and booking, please look here

Session 1
April 23rd 9.30 – 11.30 am
Seasonal Ingredients
Come to cook original new recipes with the most seasonal vegetables. Fabienne will select beautifully fresh vegetables and fruits from Borough market and we will show you how to transform them into succulent meals for your family and friends.
£30 Pre-paid only

Session 2
May 7th 9:30 – 11:30 am
Baking and Pastry

Step by step guide and recipes for breads, cakes, and tarts. You can’t fail!

Session 3
June 3rd 7.45 – 10:00 pm
Oriental recipes

Chechchouka (cooked pepper and tomato salad with eggs), oriental fish kebabs and fish cakes, kemia feast (different oriental salads)

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